February 14, 2010

wilson & 5 to 9

there were two house episodes not focusing house himself recently. one is wilson, another is 5 to 9.

wilson obviously is talking about house’s best mate, wilson. but it still focuses on medical mysteries on wilson’s patient instead. and robert sean leonard said he doesn’t want wilson being focused again despite wilson’s first life will make an appearance soon.

5 to 9 is about another main character, the one with complicated relationship with house (huddy), cuddy. there are quite minimal drops on medical, but mainly focuses on her life as a step-mum, and as a leader of a small teaching hospital with freak genius house. how can she have time to do yoga & make love with lucas? how can she find out & handle drug stolen from pharmacy (this should be first time to show all staffs of pharmacy? but actually it’s out of control, otherwise house could take vicodin so easily.) with the help of two jerks (house & lucas)? how can she fight back from insurance company and board of directors’ of hospital (this should be the first time the board shown after kicking out billionaire edward vogler)?

i think if they develop a bit more on her with lucas/hosue, there is a spinoff opportunity instead of just on lucas solely.

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