May 25, 2009

24 s7 finale (spoiler)

  • tony is in dark side, what will happen in season 8? but it’s cool in his mind for the revenge. basically everything behind in last few seasons is known.
  • when jack is saved, how would he think? and how’s kim?
  • so renee will be in new ctu?
  • there should be something like redemption before broadcast of season 8 to explain the things above.
  • will they bring janis back? and also morris if chloe is in new ctu? what will aaron do? they need to bring him back to complete the journey.
  • how do the guys working with alan wilson save him? jack’s brother & dad, charles logan were also in the same organization. so allison faces far more than her family. she needs to work alone this time…
  • which line will be faded away like karen hayes?

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