January 22, 2009

another year

first is to secure my job, i.e. to work in cautious. the mistakes i made are not acceptable. i need a well balance between efficiency, stability and multi-skills. i’m not bad on efficiency, multi-skills, but really sucks on stability. sometimes i can do some miracle things, but often i give troubles to others. even everything is not perfect, i hope i get better eventually. a tough challenge is ahead to test my weakness due to recent layoff. besides everyday tasks, the new one would be very demanding on both efficiency and stability. can i still do my best after high workload and long working hours? others can, but i’m not sure. should i find another way out after the turmoil of the economy?

and it should be wise not to apply the master course when we are sure whether the job can be secured. but there are things i can consider, driving, learning german, first-aid… let me think about it in coming holidays. besides i need to put a bit hard work to continue my self-learn access thru this book and get back some java skills from robocode.

when everything is not safe, spending is another key topic. except things mentioned below for personal entertainment would use extra money on my low expense life, a pair of leather shoes, some shirts were bought already. another trouble thing should be my cell phone. the battery cover is already loosen. the connection of charging adaptor is not as firm as used to be. but i still don’t firm what kind of phone i want yet.

money saved still puts to stocks. this year should be a good year to absorb more. but i can absorb less than i can as i did some stupid decisions last year. first is not trying to add new member including ipo in my list of stocks in this year. i was suck to get 00005.hk, 00151.hk, 00330.hk, 02318.hk (luckily sold with profit), and 02827.hk in 2008. and i will concentrate on 00410.hk besides 00006.hk under monthly investment plan. but i cannot withdraw the possibility to get more stocks for other members.

summer makes me sportive. nearly every week i kept swimming last year from june to october. but after then only played tennis once with my friend and no major exercise was done until now. i really need to think what to do during winter to keep my body fit.

for personal entertainment, this year should be mostly on lego, empire: total war, the remaining books of poirot series. already bought two when it is firstly available in this year, but there are more attractive sets from lego to be available later this year.  like 10193 - medieval market village, it can be said as one of the master pieces from lego in these recent years. besides there are rumour sets also attractive. really hope lego hk can import them and sell them not only in special event.

despite the disappointment of medieval ii: total war, empire: total war should be promising. it is built by the same team which brought rome: total war to us and they also bring new way to play in the game as what they did in rome: total war, like naval battles. the only drawback is the map will be too large. just better wait it out & commented by game sites before further decision. game time should be much less even i still play america’s army which should be a new version out later this year and civilization iv in long holidays.

finally bought mrs mcginty’s dead at a reasonable price, but i don’t start it yet as i’m reading 44 scotland street right now. hopefully i can finish it within this year and get me back into the world of poirot.

and please give me more time to chase house, 24, doctor who, and torchwood.

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