September 27, 2003

Information Day

my group finished the yesterday tutorial in an easy way. haha. no need to worry it in the coming few days

michelle branch comes to hk to perform. check this, but the time sucks, i need to take a test that night!!!!!! will she come earlier to perform with santana or santana will stay longer for guest appearance???

today is the information day of the school, i need to go back later to help. this is my last information day in the school. the day is form those who wanna study here for the undergraduate. what i work is giving leaflets, talking about the training scheme (badly i fail to train outside), but i'm very brave today for a shy man. haha

after that, i bought my 1st starbucks coffee after i've moved my home cos the new place is not convenience to go to the store to buy. btw i've finished reading the book of starbucks. actually that is the company type i want to work/create. loyal to standards built by themselves, good to employees, high creativity... before reading it, i don't think there's a big company in the world can do it.

i bought a book for the reading during my travel, it's cat among the pigeons by agatha christie. i had read her books in secondary for doing book reports. @ that time, i don't know she is so famous. how long i need to finish the book?

i'm now waiting dido new album, life for rent...

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