November 28, 2010

after 3 more episodes of house in nov

only content of one & half episode was strong enough to make the show to be renewed for the next season.

the first one was quite boring, what i can remember are cuddy found house had lied to her and there were too few scenes with wilson.

the second one was the best one among the three. the drama is often crossing the line. this time was discrimination on black & oz. chase was comin' late but didn't tell why. has cuddy found house paying prostitute to translate dutch online instead of finding a formal translater? she didn't like him to keep in touch with prostitutes even behaves right. wilson & sam was goin' on so well.

the last one was not very brilliant compared to the one before, but i think it's still fine. look of taub's wife has changed a bit, and i like the old one. there should be more on this couple. the one acted as patient did a good job however this episode was not focused on him or his illness. should house check patient's daughter cancer history more to fulfill his curiosity? the story is still dark on marriage & faith. chase was so enjoyable on his one night stand, taub was jealous on his wife but he didn't have ground to support. foreman was so dumb and wilson lost sam again. will wilson & foreman behave same as chase?

hope thirteen be back soon, otherwise she might miss the last chance to play in house

November 16, 2010

not only my pc having this problem

i've got the same thing as described in this forum message. those solutions provided cannot solve the problem. is there any way to fix it?

November 06, 2010

more on vba problems in excel for mac 2011

there are problems related to vba being found after i installed excel for mac 2011 on my machine. not 100% excel coded in excel for windows 2007/2010 with common features (i.e. not include active-x or ribbon change) is accepted in excel for mac.

there’s a bug in instr function which makes excel for mac out of memory. when you use an if function & one of its criteria is based on result of instr function, it fails. the code is like below:

if instr(1, cells(x,y), zzzz, 1) = 0 and cells(a,b) = “ccc” 

end if

another scene is if the cells are filled with date, the date format is affected & overridden by mac os x language setting. vba cannot detect those fields either or make excel out of memory.

and when you make changes in excel for mac, digital cert included in the spreadsheet is lost & you need to mount it back in windows version again before you can make the code live again.